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Discover unparalleled pediatric dental care near Plano, Texas, at Schwed Pediatric Dentistry. Our clinic is a sanctuary for young smiles, providing gentle, engaging, and informative dental services. We are dedicated to making every visit a memorable and educational experience for your child.

Sedation Dentistry: Comforting Your Child, Easing Dental Anxiety

We at Schwed Pediatric Dentistry understand the apprehensions associated with dental visits, especially for children. Our Sedation Dentistry options ensure a calm and comfortable experience:

  1. Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas): A gentle sedation method that helps relax children, with effects that quickly subside after the appointment.
  2. Oral Sedation: Ideal for children with moderate dental anxiety, maintaining consciousness while deeply relaxing.
  3. Expert Pediatric Sedation: Our experienced dental team customizes sedation to meet the unique needs of each child, ensuring their safety and comfort.
  4. Benefits of Sedation Dentistry: Helps children overcome fear of dental treatments, allows for pain-free procedures, and reduces the need for multiple appointments.
  5. Affordable and Safe Options: We provide affordable sedation dentistry, ensuring that every child can access the care they need in a safe environment​​.

Laser Dentistry: Advanced, Minimally Invasive Dental Care

State-of-the-Art Solea® Laser Technology for Pain-Free Dentistry

At Schwed Pediatric Dentistry, we’re proud to offer the revolutionary Solea® Laser, transforming pediatric dental care:

  1. Comfortable and Efficient Treatments: The Solea Laser minimizes the need for anesthesia, providing a comfortable, virtually pain-free experience.
  2. Versatile Laser Applications: Ideal for cavity treatments, baby root canals, and soft tissue revisions, ensuring precise and comfortable care.
  3. Key Advantages of Laser Dentistry: Reduced pain, less need for anesthesia, faster healing, precision, and minimally invasive treatment that eases dental anxiety​​.

Infant Frenectomies: Specialized Treatment for Lip and Tongue Ties

Compassionate Care for Your Child’s Unique Needs

Our team is skilled in addressing the special needs of infants with lip and tongue ties, which can impact feeding, speech, and oral development:

  1. Comprehensive Assessments: We conduct thorough evaluations to tailor treatment plans for each child’s unique needs.
  2. Gentle Laser Treatments: Utilizing advanced laser technology, our treatments are minimally invasive, quick, and virtually pain-free.
  3. Holistic Benefits: Addressing lip and tongue ties can lead to significant improvements in speech development, eating habits, and overall well-being.
  4. A Supportive and Caring Environment: We provide a welcoming space where children and parents feel heard and supported, ensuring a positive dental experience with lasting benefits​​. 

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Join us at Schwed Pediatric Dentistry, conveniently located near Plano, for exceptional pediatric dental care. Schedule your appointment today and embark on a journey towards a lifetime of healthy smiles. We look forward to welcoming your family to our practice and prioritizing your child’s oral health.

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