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What I love about dentistry is that it allows me to combine science and artistry with behavioral sciences and child development to help promote oral health and prevent disease. I love to watch my patients grow and develop, overcome their fears and gain confidence in themselves.

Dr. Schwed began his career in healthcare as a registered nurse, specializing in oncology and chemotherapy.  “As the chemotherapy coordinator of a major New York City hospital, I treated patients with all types of cancer, including oropharyngeal (oral) cancer.  It was during this time that I realized that the best way to lower one’s risk of debilitating disease is to educate people while they’re still young. When kids start down a healthy path early in life, they dramatically increase their chances of staying healthy in the future.”

Dr. Schwed earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from New York University and completed his advanced training in pediatric dentistry at Brookdale University Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.  He is Board-Certified in Pediatric Dentistry. Since graduating, Dr. Schwed has continued to pursue advanced education in the biological basis of tooth decay and oral disease, and has a particular interest in the oral-systemic connection, which is the idea that oral health has a direct and profound influence on overall health and well-being.  He has also pursued advanced education in the use of lasers to treat oral disease and correct oral structural defects, such as tongue and lip ties.

Dr. Schwed and his wife Tova, who is a Speech Language Pathologist and myofunctional therapist, make a great team.  They take a holistic approach to the total health of each child, considering airway and structural abnormalities as possible causes for dental, speech or myofunctional disorders.  When not in the office, they love spending time with their four children and their dog.  They love spending time hiking along nature trails and camping together as a family.  Their favorite part of camping includes singing together around a campfire with Dr. Schwed playing his guitar.  (And yes, we do roast marshmallows over the fire and then Dr. Schwed brushes everyone’s teeth really well before bed!) 


Dr. Matthew Schwed
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